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Ethnic food

ethnic-foodIt is always a good idea to try new food from different cultures. This is why our grocery store provides delicious foods from Polish, German, Indian, Russian, and Kosher nations. These dishes are created with traditional recipes that date back to your ancestors! We have always received multiple positive responses about the addition of the international foods section. With this new section, you can taste food that you have only read about. These meals have encouraged new tastes and dinners for our customers, they inspired our shoppers to create new meals for their families which resulted in healthier eating. Come and buy an international meal today to start your own creations!


Kosher foods are those that agree with the regulations of the Jewish law framework. Examples of kosher food include all vegan food, eggs, fish with fins and scales, and meat if it is slaughtered humanely in accordance to kosher law. In our market, we value our customers and their contentment with our goods; therefore we provide the best in selection. In addition, we offer products that have great value for incomparable prices! What more could you ask for? We look forward to many more years with excellent service, prices, and a variety of products for you, our valued customer.


Another variety of ethnic foods we offer are traditional and well-known from Russia. One of our biggest goals is to provide not only name-brand products from the United States, but to give our customers a chance to experience some foods from different cultures. This way our customers never get bored of eating the same foods over and over again! Some popular Russian dishes include, vareniki, a type of dumpling, kotlety, meatballs and several types of hot soups. Since Russia is the largest country, the foods are very diversified in different regions, but in our store you will surely find what you are looking for.


Our German foods range from a variety of meats to traditional desserts. For produce, we supply pork, beef, chicken, and turkey. These are among the top four meats that are eaten in Germany. Also, we supply many different sausages, which are a long-living German food tradition. For a quick side meal we sell vegetables which are also often used in stew, or soup. Noodles and dumplings are also added into stews for flavor. If you’re not in the mood for meat, we provide fish; trout is one of our most popular. For dessert, we have cheesecake, rote Grutze (a red-fruit pudding), and for celebrations, beer!


Our main products in our Indian cuisine are Indian spices, vegetables, fruit, and herbs. We have spices like chili pepper, black mustard seed, cumin, ginger, garlic, and many more! One of our specialty spice mix is the garam masala. It is a powder that includes five and sometimes more dried spices. Because India is filled with vegetarians, we base a lot of our food products on the vegetarian diet. Another one of our Indian foods is rice. One of the most eaten rice is the Bajri, which is made out of whole wheat flour. Our food is both healthy and tasty, what a deal!


Pierogi, kielbasa and bigos are just a few of the foods that Poland is well-known for. The delicious and original Polish cuisine including various desserts and soups can take a lengthy time to prepare, however, which is why we offer freshly made meals for your convenience so that you can enjoy the delicacies without having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing it. A few other typical Polish foods include barszcz (beet borscht), zurek (sour rye meal mash) and golonka (pork cooked with vegetables). For dessert, makowiec, a poppy seed pastry or szarlotka, a type of apple pie. Visit our store today to try some of our Polish foods!


The quality of the Italian cuisine is what inspires chefs from all around the world to incorporate the Italian food traditions in their meals. Throughout many Italian family generations, recipes have been passed down from family to family. These recipes eventually resulted as main Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Two of the most occurring meals around Italy and the world are pizza and noodles. Pizza is customarily made thin, while noodles have a wide variety of fillings and flavors. Cheese and wine are often set on the table for additional tastes. In our store, we provide some of the most popular and reoccurring Italian cuisine. Whether it is the customary cheese pizza, the fettuccini pasta, or the morning drinks of coffee and espresso, we have it all!


Walking through our dairy section, you might find many Greek yogurts, but yogurts aren’t the only food item that is imported to our store from Greece. Our Greek cuisine is surrounded by fish, and poultry. The fish that we sell to our customers is often bought along with a fine glass of wine, and some cheese as a side dish. One of our best selling cheeses is our feta cheese, which is a very popular and tasty Greek cheese. Yum! Rabbit and pork are some of our best Greek poultry. But when it comes to dessert, no one can resist the sweet delicacies that include nuts and honey. Come today to experience the Greek way of eating!


The distinct flavor of the Hispanic cuisine is what brings many customers to this section. Our most popular Hispanic dishes are the maize based dishes. These include mainly tortillas and tamales. One of our next sought out for dishes are the Hispanic salsas. The traditional tomato salsa and the guacamole dip are often bought. These go great with some of our corn chips, which are a long-living Hispanic tradition. To go along with these dishes, we supply drinks which sometimes date back to the Native Americans! Mate and pisco are only a few of these drinks. To end the day, we sell a well-liked Hispanic dessert; Dulche de Leche, which is a caramel and milk based sauce or spread. Come today to try some of these delicious dishes!

Middle Eastern

As part of our goal to provide a wide variety of foods from all over the world, we offer popular cuisine imported from all over the Middle East. Some commonly used ingredients in Middle Eastern dishes include mint, olive oil, honey and parsley and popular dishes include kibbeh and shawarma. Whether you choose to prepare the dish yourself or buy one ready to go, our helpful customer service is always willing to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Also, we are always open to suggestions about different ethnic foods that you would like to see at our market in the future.

Eastern European

The foods of Eastern countries are diverse by themselves, however there are common characteristics that differentiate Eastern cooking from cuisines of other countries. The serving size, seasonings and emphasis on sauces are just a few differences that separate this type of food from different cultures. Several popular dishes include Tochitura, a meat stew, different types of potato salads and Icre, which is an appetizer also known as caviar spread. By visiting our market, you can learn more about various cultures, how their foods differ from ours, and different styles of preparing the food.



Yogurt, cheese, eggs, butter, milk! It is said, that eating dairy products is a great way to start off your day. We have multiple different yogurt flavors; cheese’s imported from all over the world, eggs freshly picked from chickens, butter that was churned, and milk that comes from cows.




All the protein that you could every have is right in our store. We supply fresh meats that are pesticide free! Ribs, steak, chicken, turkey, ham and beef! These mouth-watering, delicious meats are cleaned before we sell them, and inspected to make sure you get the best quality.




Our produce department is filled to the brim with healthy vegetables. Cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, carrots, avocado and more! All of the veggies that we supply are clean, and super fresh. Who wouldn’t want to buy a vegetable straight from the farm?


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